"Tuscan Renaissance" is the name and theme of the President's FW20/21 collection, and there could be no better way to pay tribute to the land of its origins.

Shades of green and camel echoing the hues of rural areas blend with vibrant nuances of purple and red orange

The brand selects only the finest materials because quality has always been a priority

Filtering and reinterpreting local artisan workmanship, President's has created a timeless collection with a modern vibe.

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  1. Trouser Lavoratore Cotton Twill
    As low as €245.00
  2. Shirt Japan Tie Dye
    As low as €240.00
  3. Sweater Hand Knitted Alpaca
    As low as €580.00
  4. Cardigan Self Edge
    As low as €250.00
  5. Cardigan Intarsio Flower
    As low as €370.00
  6. Jacket Tousled Shaggy Fleece
    As low as €560.00
  7. Zip Heavy Bomber
    As low as €680.00
  8. Jacket Montalcino Sherpa
    As low as €585.00
  9. T-shirt s/s Embroidery two
    As low as €88.00
  10. Shirt Chatham Japan Check
    As low as €225.00
  11. Jeans Icarus Corduroy Camel
    As low as €210.00
  12. Bomber Zip Hood Pure Cashmere
    As low as €629.00
  13. Skate Pro II P'S White
    As low as €291.00
  14. Sweater Cotton & Cashmere
    As low as €355.00
  15. Sweater Washed Wool Arazzo
    As low as €215.00
  16. Sweater Washed Wool Latte
    As low as €215.00
  17. T-shirt s/s Padre
    As low as €115.00
  18. Trouser Headlight Flanella
    As low as €365.00
  19. Hood Hand Made President's
    As low as €285.00

20 Items

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Set Descending Direction